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Smriti Kataria

Updated: Mar 28

Smriti Kataria, Upnotch Member and Global Marketing Leader

Smriti Kataria, Upnotch Member, is a Global Marketing Leader renowned for her expertise in marketing strategies, product growth, and market expansion, with a focus on AI, ML, Data & SaaS industries across the US and APAC regions.

She started her career in B2B sales, venturing into international marketing and subsequently delving into product marketing at a billion dollar telco. She contributed significantly to consumer marketing before embarking on a pivotal journey in startups. Over six years at an AI startup, she steered global marketing - building product, brand and demand, fostering their growth in competitive markets.

Her entrepreneurial spirit later led her to establish her own brand, a D2C digital native brand specializing in high-quality, practical kidswear, which she successfully sold last December. Most recently, she has been advising AI powered startups, in diverse fields from developer tools to fintech.

Smriti would be a great mentor for mid-level professionals aspiring to grow their careers within the tech space and marketing domain, aiming to transition from individual contributors to managerial roles.

She is also looking for a mentor herself - a seasoned tech entrepreneur who has built and scaled businesses, at different stages of growth.

To connect with Smriti, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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