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Stacey Danheiser

Stacey Danheiser, Upnotch Member, is the Founder and CMO of SHAKE Marketing, a B2B Marketing and Sales practice dedicated to building customer-focused marketing strategies and leaders.

With a strong background in corporate marketing, Stacey spent 14 years leading all aspects of marketing across five different Fortune 500 companies in cable, telecom and financial services. She transitioned to consulting and coacing to focus on driving B2B growth through her expertise.

She is a multi-talented professional. She is an accomplished author, course creator, sought-after speaker, and frequent guest on podcasts. Her passion lies in sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with others, empowering them to succeed.

Stacey would be an invaluable mentor to any marketing professional aiming to elevate their career, particularly those focused on B2B strategies. She’d also love to mentor anyone trying to transition from the corporate world to consulting or even starting their own ventures.

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