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Supporting a Team Working From Home

Social distancing measures for COVID-19 means that many of us are now working remotely. This new normal brings new challenges for you and your teams - how to stay focused, how to stay efficient, how to manage the kids! A panel of industry leaders and mentors are coming together to discuss how you can support a team that you don't necessarily see every day.

Guest Panelists:

  • Julia Braun, Sr. Director, Procurement at Smartsheet

  • Jennifer Goodwin, Director of Revenue Cycle Operations at Jefferson Healthcare

  • Kevin Jaspal, Founder & CEO at Sonhos Labs

  • Vikram Modgil, Head of Growth at

  • Jeff Malek, CEO & President at Code Fellows

  • Tyrone Grandison, CTO at Pearl Long Term Care Solutions

  • Shawn Miller, Director of Market Research at Philips Healthcare

  • Nancy Martin, Founder at Reclaim & Flourish


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