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Travis Rzeplinski

Travis Rzeplinski, Upnotch mentor, is a Senior. Demo and Digital Content Program Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). His extensive product, platform, and technology expertise in design and solution implementation for demo scenarios is key for exposing infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, widely known as cloud computing.

Bringing new ideas and innovations to life through live demos, high-end video production, and intimate customer interactions, Travis is energized by showcasing and educating consumers on new products and innovations that can improve their work and increase their productivity.

Highly relatable, Travis has strong analytical and planning skills and easily coordinates the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. He is productive, self-motivated, and earnestly passes his vast knowledge on to others. He’s enjoyed mentorship in the past and hopes to continue in this tradition via Upnotch by finding a mentee who wants to improve their public speaking and professional presentation skills.

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