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Two Amazing Women Discuss their Fight Against Human Trafficking

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

In this mentor to mentor talk, we meet two amazing women fighting Human Trafficking. Jerri Moomaw, Founder and Executive Director of Innovations Human Trafficking Collaboratives (Innovations HTC) and Rosi Orozco, Founder of Casa Sobre la Roca, A.C were both pioneers in the world of human trafficking prevention in their respective countries.

Here they sit down to talk about their experiences and how powerful mentoring can be when starting a new venture.

Rosi Orozco

Rosi is a Mexican Human Rights Activist and founder of Casa Sobre la Roca. In 2019, she was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She created her non profit in 2005 after attending a conference in Washington D.C. where she was moved by the stories she heard about human trafficking. Since that day, Rosi says she has never gone to bed at night without doing something to help this cause.

Jerri Moomaw,

Founder and executive director of Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative (IHTC) in Washington, Jeri has been personally impacted by trafficking.

She knows first-hand the toll it can take and is incredibly passionate about her mission. Through her program, Mariposa, she has dedicated her life to building up systems of protection and works particularly closely with tribal nations and local and state governments across the United States and Canada.

Highlights of the Talk

In this Talk, Rosi and Jeri, touch upon the following:

  • All victims deserve a blank page upon which to re-write their lives.

  • Creating policy is the most effective approach to helping.

  • The focus should be on criminalizing consumers & traffickers, not victims.

  • Onboarding survivors to their organizations is a great way to elevate them and give them new opportunities.

Both of these women built their organizations to help others in need and neither of them had any prior experience in the fields of nonprofits or policy making. Both regret not having reached out to others sooner to get help learning the ropes and are big believers in mentorship because of this experience.


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