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Yun Fan

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Yun Fan is a Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE), Tech Leader in the AWS Data Protection team.

With a strong background in both software application development and cloud services. Her expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions to help customers leverage cloud technologies to meet their data protection needs.

Besides her technical expertise, Yun is passionate about mentoring and coaching. She commits to helping other engineers grow and develop their skills, and has served as a mentor to many junior engineers throughout her career.

Yun is also an advocate for building communities and promoting diversity in tech. She founded a 400+ people's community in Amazon, which helps to connect employees and promote inclusion.

At AWS, Yun has played a key role in building the AWS Backup Audit Manager, which helps customers manage their data protection and compliance requirements. Her work has been critical to ensuring that AWS customers can manage their backups securely and efficiently.

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