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Zovig Garboushian

Zovig Garboushian, Upnotch Member, is Founder & Head Coach at Boldness Ablaze Coaching - executive and career coaching for women who are leaders at work and in their lives.

She started her own coaching and training business 2 years ago and it’s now growing into a very successful business. At Boldness Ablaze Coaching, she coaches women who are high-performers to go after what they want boldly and unapologetically.

Zovig is starting to work with organizations as a leadership and career development coach for women, to help them bring more women into leadership and keep the ones they have. She loves what she does and loves helping other women.

Prior to coaching, she worked for 15 years in advertising and marketing. Then switched to career development and training before becoming a consultant and starting her own company.

Zovig truly believes in mentorship and would love to connect with someone who understands her mindset and could help her scale her business, ideally a woman.

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