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Aldo Razzino

Aldo Razzino, Upnotch Member, is CEO and Founder of Open Search Group, a headhunting company specializing in STEM+ profiles.

With a data-driven mindset, Aldo is passionate about technology and recruitment. He devoted his career to headhunting and then decided to start his own business with the aim of creating a new and unique headhunting agency.

Aldo is now working on his second startup, Open Data Playground, a hackathon, and data challenge platform.

He loves mentoring and would be a great mentor to anyone in recruitment or who needs advice on how to lead a sales team.

Aldo is also looking for a mentor for himself - someone in technology or product development that has experience leading teams located in different countries.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Aldo or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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