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Anna Paulson

Anna Paulson, Upnotch Member, is a Senior Account Executive at Kotis Design, a company specializing in helping fast-growing brands run and scale their swag programs. She is a top-performing sales leader with 15+ years of experience in the B2B realm. As an eternal optimist, she brings a contagious energy to all she touches and cares deeply about upleveling her relationships through positivity and curiosity.

Throughout her career, Anna has demonstrated exceptional success in building a book of business from scratch, managing account growth, and working with clients across various industries and verticals. As a consummate sales professional, she has touched every point of the sales circle and possesses a deep understanding of sales strategies and pipeline expansion.

Anna would be a remarkable mentor to any mid career professional in sales trying to grow, develop pipelines or who needs help with lead generation. She is also looking for a mentor herself - someone who can help her reach the next level in her career, ideally a director-level sales professional with strategic selling expertise.

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