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Anthony Palmoze

Anthony Palmoze, Upnotch member, works as a Solutions Architect (Presales) at Dell Technologies. He has a very diverse background, with 10 years of experience in psychology, 9 years in the military, and has been in the tech industry for 4 years.

He has experience building web applications and has worked on multiple platforms, including a multi-cloud continuous delivery platform, sales execution software and manufacturing and cost simulation platforms.

Outside of work, Anthony volunteers to help people from underrepresented communities who are new to the US. He hosts a podcast to help people level up and stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Anthony would be an excellent mentor for anyone looking to transition to a career in tech, especially those from non-technical backgrounds or veterans. He would love to help with mock interviews and provide guidance on how to navigate the job search process.

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