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Cari Schutzler

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Cari Schutzler, Upnotch Member, is an accomplished executive with a strong acumen in product management, sales, sales operations, revenue strategy, and organizational design.

She has exceptional leadership skills, her extensive background encompasses both startup and large enterprise operations, and she possesses a strong expertise in operational discipline, process improvement, and performance management.

She recently retired and passion for helping others continues to drive her. Prior to retiring, Cari held the position of Vice President of Commercial Operations for a digital health tech company. Previous positions include General Manager of Operations, overseeing a manufacturing team of 100 people, Sales Vice President, Product Manager, Engineering Supervisor among others.

Cari loves mentoring and is particularly interested in mentoring professionals seeking to advance their careers, individuals seeking guidance in sales or sales operations, those in start-up companies and those looking to reestablish themselves in the workforce. Having taken an 18-year career break to raise her children, Cari understands the unique challenges faced by individuals reentering the workforce after a significant gap.

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