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Daniel Todd

Daniel Todd, Upnotch mentor, is the CEO and Founder of Influence Mobile and a whip-smart entrepreneur who's ambitious, driven and loves big ideas.

His incredible career includes co-founding the online media company Zango in 1999, which, while he was there, ranked several times in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies - going as high as #7 in 2005.

His specialties include utilizing technology and metrics to build an awesome company culture that enhances the probability of business success. It’s no surprise then that he’s credited for creating a corporate culture that's repeatedly won Washington CEO’s and the Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” awards.

Daniel also writes articles and speaks on the topics of online advertising, digital media strategy, desktop advertising, social media, and social networking. Already a mentor and adviser to several start-ups, any entrepreneur or executive looking to grow would be privileged to be able to work with him.

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