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Elmira Aghsaei

Elmira Aghsaei, Upnotch Member, is the Founder and Principal Architect at Elmira Aghsaei Architecture, based in Vancouver, Canada.

With over 12 years of experience as an architect, Elmira is dedicated to creating purposeful designs that positively transform communities, advocate for walkable cities, prioritize social sustainability in architecture, and promote health and wellness.

Her passion for design has driven her to establish her own architecture firm, where she has been fully dedicated for the past five months.

Elmira loves mentoring and would be a great mentor for young architects, designers and urban planners especially those interested in switching careers to start their own business and are passionate about the social and psychological impact of architecture.

She is also looking for a mentor herself - someone in sales to advise her on sales strategies, digital marketing and how to effectively promote architectural services.

To connect with Elmira, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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