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Erick Eidus

Erick Eidus, Upnotch Mentor, is the CEO and Founder of PupPod, a company that’s leveraging software and technology to build better products for pets and new user experiences for pet parents.

He has over 25 years of experience in designing UI and previously founded Mobileidus, a boutique consulting firm focused on UX design and the development of mobile & web apps. There he worked with an amazing roster of clients including Swype, Samsung, Microsoft, CCC Information Services, The Seattle Opera, Dashwire, Coolr, Evri and many more.

Before that, he worked for 5 years on the earliest PDAs and Smartphones at Motorola, where he helped define the Symbian OS, and then 7 years building Microsoft's first mobile phone operating system that later became Windows Mobile.

Erick is a true expert in product definition and design methodology for apps and mobile phone software. He has designed and built apps on all the major mobile platforms - iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. - as well as web apps and backend servers. He’s also successfully running his own startup and would be an incredible mentor for any entrepreneur or executive interested in guidance with their start-up, especially in software development.

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