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Giorgio Natili

Giorgio Natili, Upnotch Mentor, is Director of Engineering at Capital One, an American bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts, where he solves the problem of integrating machine learning models in customer experiences.

Giorgio is a delivery-obsessed engineering lead and technologist at heart with 20+ years of experience in fintech, finance, payments, mobile, and embedded systems, security, education, and retail consumer industries. He is also an international speaker, author, and conference organizer.

In the past, he led the non-Latin script Kindle rendering team to deliver millions of books on billions of devices in Japanese, Indic, Arabic, and Chinese. Giorgio also had the opportunity to lead the engineering effort to implement new payments methods and regulations for Amazon Brazil.

Giorgio values mentoring and would love to mentor anyone moving to a manager position, transitioning to a more agile style of leadership, or any individual contributor looking for new opportunities and role changes.

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