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Hyder Ali

Hyder Ali, Upnotch Mentor, is currently the VP of Products and Business Development at Sofy which provides AI-enabled no code quality automation platform. He leads Sales, Marketing, and business development at Hyder started his career as a software developer building real-time control systems, then joined Microsoft where he spent 2 decades in a variety of roles in engineering, product management and sales, helping build a scalable channel and MSP business with Microsoft for Azure, Microsoft 365 and hybrid cloud.

Not defined exclusively by his accomplishments at work, Hyder founded a thriving non-profit organization that is currently a multi-million dollar operation with thousands of members, providing social and educational services to the broader community and helping the less fortunate in the Seattle area.

Hyder is always actively looking for ways to grow professionally. He is passionate about helping others and would like to offer mentorship to someone looking to grow professionally, and help them use their passions to make a positive influence on the world and others. He’d also be a great asset for any new entrepreneurs looking to navigate the journey of transitioning from the corporate to the start-up world.

For himself, he’d love to connect with an executive-level mentor who can help him sharpen his sales skills. Perhaps someone who is active in the nonprofit world or has taken a start-up from seed stage and grown the company.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Hyder or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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