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Want Your Resume to Stand Out? Add your Mentorships!

Making your resume stand out can be tough, especially in a time of major layoffs, but there's one thing you can add that will definitely catch an employer's eye: your mentorships!

Think about it. Having a mentor means that someone believes in your abilities and is willing to invest time and energy into helping you grow as a professional. That's super impressive, and it shows that you're dedicated to personal and professional development.

Here are a few tips on how to show off your mentorship experience on your resume:

  1. Name drop: Add your mentor's name and their title. This gives your potential employer an idea of the level of experience and expertise your mentor has.

  2. Give the scoop: Describe what the mentorship was all about. What topics did you cover? What skills did you learn?

  3. Brag a little: Tell your potential employer what you achieved during the mentorship. Did you complete a big project? Get a promotion?

  4. Use examples: Give specific examples of how the mentorship helped you grow as a professional.

It's important to keep in mind that you don't want to take up too much space on your resume with this information, but you definitely want to make sure it's included. A few well-written sentences will do the trick.

Adding your mentorship experience to your resume will make it stand out and show that you're dedicated to personal and professional development. So don't be shy, show off those mentorship experiences and make your resume shine!

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