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Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell, Upnotch Mentor, is a consultant, business owner, and senior executive with over 30 years of marketing, communications, and general management experience. He helps travel and hospitality entrepreneurs and owners as they build and nourish their brand, brand story, teams, and cultures. He also helps companies create lasting relationships with their customers that transcend transactions.

Mark's areas of expertise include branding, marketing planning and execution, strategic alliances & partnerships, new product development, customer acquisition, media relations, promotions, and team building.

Mark is deeply passionate about helping people discover and embrace their personal brand story. He believes that everyone's brand and product should be unique and amazing and he’s been a consultant to top executives in the travel industry.

In keeping with this motivation to help others, Mark is looking to apply his wide-ranging experience in consulting, startups, and executive management to mentor others who are looking for guidance on the right steps to take for enriching their careers and taking them to the next level.

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