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Nina Lavelanet-Lewnau

Updated: Mar 29

Nina Lavelanet-Lewnau, Upnotch Member and Enablement Manager at Outreach

Nina Lavelanet-Lewnau, Upnotch Member, is Enablement Manager at Outreach, a leader in sales execution, and supports Customer Success, Professional Services and Partners.

With a strong background in content development, website design, and over 8 years of experience in tech, Nina excels in crafting training materials, instructional design, and enablement strategies. Her innate understanding of human behavior and her passion for education drive her to create valuable, long-term relationships with customers and internal teams.

She is a problem-solver who believes in the power of bringing people together through a shared vision and mission. Her expertise lies in helping organizations identify customer needs, aligning strategies, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and supporting teams to achieve scalable results.

Nina would be a great mentor for junior professionals seeking growth in roles related to enablement, program management, and customer success. She is also looking for a mentor herself - a leader who can guide her to further achievements in her professional journey.

To connect with Nina, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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