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Nirav Desai

Nirav Desai, Upnotch mentor, is an entrepreneur, investor, and strategist using emerging technology for corporate innovation. He is currently working at Moonbeam, where he’s working at disrupting how corporate innovation and corporate venture capital uses data science, artificial intelligence, and immersive technology.

He also advises startups and consults with corporate clients working with innovation labs, government research centers, universities, incubators, and accelerators to identify and embrace edge technologies.

Nirav aims to fundamentally change how organizations source and implement innovative technology in the enterprise. Through his company, consulting, and support to several startups, he brings efficiency to how organizations source, sell, implement, and invest in innovation.

A believer in contributing to society, he mentors startups through various Washington-based organizations and serves on different technology innovation-focused boards. Nirav also maintains connections with academia, serving the University of Washington as an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and as a Civic Council member for the Jackson School of International Studies.

He’d love to help and guide someone who is working with government or at a startup and is looking to develop their technological knowledge and skills to advance in their career.

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