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Robert Casapulla

Robert Casapulla, Upnotch Member, is the Chief Operating Officer at Advocate, a company dedicated to disrupting and transforming the way Americans access government services and benefits.

With a background primarily in politics and financial services, Robert served in senior-level positions at Bridgewater for eight years, including Chief of Staff to the CFO, Chief of Staff to the Head of HR. Additionally he worked closely with the Founder, CEO, and CIO as a deputy Chief of Staff, providing operational management support and advising senior executives on how to navigate a complex organizational culture.

He has experience distilling complex problems into practical plans and action steps, and consistently delivering strong results. He is currently on the founding team of a startup and that has just completed its seed-stage fundraiser.

Robert would be an excellent mentor for anyone looking to maximize their career potential and overcome their weaknesses. He is also looking for a mentor himself - someone with experience engaging with venture investors and presenting strategic and financial material.

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