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Sal Solerssi

Sal Solerssi, Upnotch Mentor, is the President and Founder of Avante Grupo Empresarial, a company based in Guadalajara, Mexico whose mission is to bring entrepreneurs together for networking, to support each other, and create synergy.

Sal is a Publicist, Marketer, and Lecturer with experience working for international brands such as Nike and Gatorade. He’s also the General Director of Marca Pública, a Marketing Agency that helps clients work on brand development, storytelling, brand identity, and strategy.

Sal is a mentor for Angel Venture where he helps startups work on their pitch and acts as a public speaking coach. He also coaches politicians and athletes on how to connect with an audience, how to use the right tone of voice and the right posture.

His main hobby is to find high-end coffee experiences - his passion leading him to build the most important community of coffee lovers in Mexico, Café Sapiente.

Sal is an advocate of mentoring, he would love to mentor any entrepreneur ready to start looking for funding or looking for sales and marketing insight.

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