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Sarah Plantenberg

Sarah Plantenberg, Upnotch Member, is a design executive at VMware.

She is a versatile designer known for shaping services, businesses, software solution experiences, and cultures through her deep design expertise. With a rich background in coaching enterprises through digital transformation, she excels at bridging diverse viewpoints within complex teams, guiding them toward achieving business outcomes and fostering the necessary culture to maintain alignment.

At the core of Sarah’s values lie leadership and culture. Additionally, Sarah has authored a

forthcoming book about designing culture to accelerate business outcomes.

For several years, Sarah led design in a digital transformation consultancy that

helped enterprises integrate lean design with agile practices, to spark and scale innovation.

Sarah is an innovator at heart, with 9 user experience and technical patents to her name.

Sarah would make an exceptional mentor for designers, especially those early in their careers or aspiring to leadership roles within the design industry. She’s eager to support senior-level executives in navigating technology transformation and change management challenges.

She is also in search of a mentor herself - someone who understands the unconscious biases women face and can provide valuable guidance on maintaining authenticity while climbing the ranks to higher executive positions.

To connect with Sarah, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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