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Social Media & Content Marketing - Everything You Need to Know

In this Mentor to Mentor talk meet Shaun Nestor, Founder of Shaun Nestor Brands and  Brynn Tweeddale, Co-Founder BXE Creative. Shaun and Brynn - who are both extremely successful Social Media consultants in their own right - share some great suggestions that give each other insight and solutions that go beyond their individual scope of expertise.

Both Shaun and Brynn started their journeys young.

Shaun Nestor

Sean began designing websites at 13 and has since watched the need grow from website creation to SEO optimization to social media.  Today he works in consulting, primarily with start-ups. 

Brynn Tweeddale

Bryn’s specialty is content quality.  She founded BXE in college and what she currently focuses on and enjoys the most is helping clients enjoy their social media journeys.  

Highlights of the Talk

In this Talk, Shaun & Brynn discuss the most common misconceptions they encounter around online and digital marketing.  These are some of the typical roadblocks their customers encounter and some of the solutions they offer:

  • Clients feel the need to be expert photographers or writers to have successful social media content. The reality is that today you don’t need to spend a lot on professionals. You can run a very successful campaign with any smartphone.

  • Customers want to be on all platforms all of the time and they get overwhelmed. To avoid burnout, just be aware of what platforms your clients are on.  To start out, limit your marketing efforts to that platform.

  • Customers are afraid to sound like an old fashioned infomercial on their social media. It is important to encourage them to be more comfortable being familiar and personable.

  • Catering to the new demands of Gen Z is important as they are becoming the driving force of consumption. To appeal to this generation, learn to communicate your company’s values, not only your products.

  • Customers worry because they can’t come up with enough content. Encourage them to not be afraid to reuse content across platforms and repeat regularly as audiences will change with time!

This is a fascinating conversation between two people who are at the top of their game and still manage to take away great suggestions from each other. It is a wonderful example of the potential of good mentoring.


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