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Stefan Cordova

Stefan Cordova, Upnotch member, is the Founder of FriendWithA, a fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace to borrow almost anything. He launched the FriendWithA marketplace for the times ordinary people have found themselves thinking, “I wish I had a friend with a boat, truck, kayak, tent, lawnmower, etc…”

Prior to founding FriendWithA, Stefan worked as software licensing consultant at KPMG and running his own web development agency. With a strong work ethic and determined attitude, Stefan’s mantra is: Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat.

He’s a believer in lifelong learning, and is looking for a mentor who can help him continue to grow both personally and professionally. On a personal note, after attending WSU, Stefan spent a season up in Whistler snowboarding and working at the winter Olympics, has traveled to over 20 countries and is a diehard Seahawks fan.

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