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Susan Stewart

Looking for a mentor in nonprofit, tech start-up, or in the education sector? Susan Stewart, Upnotch mentor, is a highly experienced strategic and results-oriented business, education, & technology leader. Focused on the nexus between the three, she believes that by investing in business, education, and tech, we can provide a better experience for students.

Previously the Director of Regional Compliance and Operations at K12, a company paving the way for online education, Susan brought year-over-year success demonstrated through improved performance and financial goals. Now sitting on the board of Directors for Orbiter Inc., a Radio Frequency Identification company, she gets to apply her passion for innovation while helping make big decisions for the future of tech.

With a variety of professional experience under her belt in C-Suite & VP positions, Susan is a well rounded mentor. She brings insight from industries ranging from petroleum to tech start-ups, & would be an excellent advisor for entrepreneurs or executives looking to expand on their potential.

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