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Tarun Kundu

Tarun Kundu, Upnotch member, has worked in software development for 17+ years in countries including Finland, Belgium, Shanghai, India and the United States. He’s currently a Software Engineer 4 at AppDynamics in Seattle.

Tarun’s technological expertise covers a wide spectrum, from designing and developing large-scale distributed systems, product definition, end-to-end customer experience, object-oriented programming (Java, C++ and Python), data structures, Cloud, big-data technologies to ETL data pipeline and machine learning algorithms.

He is also a successful cross-functional, multi-geographical team manager with a strong track record in participating in internal and external audits, meeting project deadlines and providing hands-on assistance to his teams through mentoring and direct intervention.

Tarun is enthusiastic about continuing to mentor others in junior positions to help them develop the technological skills they need to grow in their professional careers.

For himself, he’d love to find a mentor who can help him enhance his social and presentation skills to a more professional level.

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