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Why Upnotch Mentors Love Mentoring

As we all know, having a mentor is one of the most valuable advantages for a professional looking to grow a business or accelerate a career. Mentorship has obvious benefits for the mentee - it can be a life-changing experience. But have you ever wondered what the mentor gets out of the relationship? Why do they give away their time for free?

We asked that question to some of the mentors on Upnotch and the answers were enlightening.

Continuous learning

Mentees are not the only ones who are learning in a mentoring relationship. By working together, mentors get a chance to engage with someone who may see things very differently from them - get new perspectives, fresh ideas, and the opportunity to reflect on their own development. They can gain valuable insights and broaden their horizons.

Mentoring helps the mentor to enhance confidence and self-esteem by providing support and guidance to someone else. If you become a mentor, you'll find yourself invested in the idea of living up to the expectations of your mentee. You'll push yourself to grow. And get better in the process.

Enhancing leadership skills

Many mentors have shared that working with a mentee helps them grow their own leadership skills.

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

Every mentor we talked to spoke of the potential to change someone’s life. Shaping tomorrow’s leaders is an incredible legacy. Plus, it can be beneficial to be networking with that next generation of leaders and creating close connections with the people that will soon dominate their industries.

Paying it forward

Every mentor we talked to also told us that mentoring is very fulfilling. Knowing they've had an impact on your mentee’s life is a great feeling that makes the time and effort completely worth it. It’s a way to give back because most mentors acknowledge that they have had great mentors themselves in the past. People who helped them become the successful professionals they are today. Naturally, they want to do the same for someone else. Nobody can make it on their own - we all need help.

In short, what did we learn from our mentors? That mentorship is not a one-way street. It involves people who are showing up to give and two people who are showing up to learn. It is a commitment of time and effort for both.

But when you decide to become a mentor you'll make a difference - and that's all that matters.

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