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Women Who Inspire: 8 Top Mentors on Upnotch

Happy International Women's Day!

Today, we celebrate the amazing achievements and contributions of women all around the world. As we honor this special day, we're shining a spotlight on 8 of the top women on Upnotch. These women have shared their wisdom, insights, and experiences with their mentees, helping them navigate the challenges of their careers and achieve their goals.

Let's take a moment to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of these inspiring women.


1. Shadè Alcine

Territory Account Manager at Human

Shadè is a sales professional with a stellar track record of superior performance in sales productivity, revenue management, customer relationship management, and overall account management. She’d be a great mentor to anyone in tech, cybersecurity, or sales looking for guidance and support.


2. Shannon Baldwin Davis

Vice President & General Manager at Schneider Electric

Shannon has over 15 years of experience driving sales, marketing, and operational transformation at established B2B multinational corporations. She helps Fortune 500 companies rethink their business strategy, product portfolio, and grow market share. She would be a wonderful mentor to anyone in marketing, engineering or tech looking to grow.


3. Megan Evert

Senior Vice President of Operations at Flexe

Megan is a brilliant leader who leads a women's group at her company. She is passionate about mentorship, especially for women, and is known for her dedication to creating value for customers and building effective teams and a strong culture. She would be an excellent mentor to anyone in supply chain or operations looking to grow their career.


4. Edit Illes

Global Digital Sales Leader

Edit is a Global Digital Sales Leader with over 20 years of experience in IT and Sales, including 15 years in leadership positions. Her expertise spans digital sales, inside sales, vendor management, direct sales, and channel development. She loves mentoring and would be a fantastic mentor to anyone looking to move into a leadership role or for new leaders.


5. Natalia Lucas

Head of User Experience at Farmers Edge

Natalia has over 12 years experience practicing UX and delivering UX programs. She has a passion for building and scaling UX organizations, driving alignment with stakeholders on objectives, roadmaps, and metrics. She would be a great mentor to anyone in UX, product management or product development looking for advice and support.


6. Madhu Mukherjee

Director at Grubhub

Madhu is an accomplished leader in business operations, product development and technology services. She has led diverse global teams, advised several startups, M&A, and business transformations. She loves mentoring and would be a great mentor to anyone in product/program management, business transformation, or entrepreneurs starting a startup.


7. Bernadette Risley

Owner & CEO of My Berning Words LLC

Bernadette has over 30 years of experience as a senior-level Customer Success and Sales Management Director. She brings expertise in delivering SaaS implementation methodology, retention strategies, and expanding high-value customers. She would be an incredible mentor to anyone looking to grow personally and professionally.


8. Tracey Warren

Owner, Community & Engagement Specialist at Ignite Your Champions

Tracey is a serial entrepreneur who's always had her own businesses, she currently has two. She is passionate about building communities and knows that they have the power to change the world. She loves mentoring and would be a great mentor to any curious entrepreneur starting a business.


Connect with our Top #8WomenOnMarch8th

To connect with any of these amazing women, download Upnotch, create a profile and find them in 'Members'. They are all passionate about mentoring and eager to help you grow in 2023!



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