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Will Brennan

Will Brennan, Upnotch Mentor, is the owner and Technical Lead for Lean Re-engineering & Consulting at TicTock Lean Process, which specializes in Lean, Data, and ToC (Theory of Constraints).

Will is a seasoned industrial and technical sales guru, an incredible team leader who encourages lateral thinking, teamwork, and unique problem solving and prioritization methods which deliver amazing results even with little to no capital expenditure. Business processes optimization & improvement are second nature as every previous company he's worked with has been in a state of transition and flux and subsequently transformed using combinations of new and traditional methods.

He's a 30+ year seasoned manufacturing, engineering, technology, and processes improvement professional. He has successfully delivered a wide variety of projects and programs including business transformation, process improvement and new product development. He has many years of experience in Wood / Biomass, Energy, Mining / Minerals, Nutra and Pharma, Recycling and Waste Management, as well as many light industrial plants and manufacturing industries.

He’s passionate about biomass, resources, technology, and how to waste less and upcycle valuable products. Will would be an amazing mentor to anyone interested in biomass, energy, resources, or interdependent processes in general. He can also be of great help to anyone looking to re-engineer, improve, or adapt their processes.

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