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Ziv Levy

Updated: Mar 29

Ziv Levy, Upnotch Member and Founder & CEO of Cloudsulting.

Ziv Levy, Upnotch Member, is the Founder & CEO of Cloudsulting.

With over 15 years of high-tech experience, Ziv has built an impressive career marked by success and innovation. He excels in designing and implementing Cloud and On-prem infrastructure solutions, consistently exceeding expectations and making a real impact.

His professional journey has been enriched by his ability to manage international teams across diverse regions like India, Australia, Israel, and Asia. His experience extends beyond technical proficiency to encompass a deep understanding of the cultural and technical aspects of team management. He is committed to helping individuals reach their next career goal.

Ziv loves mentoring and would be an amazing mentor to those seeking career growth, navigating office politics, and climbing the corporate ladder. He's also a valuable resource for those managing international teams or anyone striving to build a career path in technical roles.

To connect with Ziv, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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