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Alex Sum

Looking for a mentor to shape your career? Alex Sum, Upnotch mentor, is an innovative business executive and human rights advocate. With 20+ years of experience working in sales & account management, he specializes in leading teams & process for customer success. Alex believes that "innovation can change everything" & wants to work with companies that push boundaries & change lives.

Passionate about giving back, he founded Human Rights Society, a nonprofit to help inform & inspire social transformation & advocate for human rights for all.

A self-identified connector with a strong belief in mentorship, Alex loves bringing people together, fostering community, and supporting everyone in his circle. He would be an incredible mentor for any professional who wants help in career development, broadening a network, finding a new job, or even writing a resume.

Currently, a Customer Success leader, Alex has his sights set on becoming a VP and would love to find a mentor for himself who can help him grow professionally & guide him towards his goals.

Download Upnotch on iPhone or Android to connect with Alex or contact us. *All mentorships are free.*

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