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Ash Naik

Ash Naik, Upnotch Member, is the Vice President and General Manager of MyGuide, a platform that provides in-app guidance to users & employees and helps organizations secure a smooth digital transformation journey.

He comes from a technical background but has years of experience in customer success and sales. He's an experienced software executive with a long history of making lucrative investments in people, programs, and tools to ship high-quality cutting-edge technology products that enable digital transformation. He believes the best way to learn is by working through issues.

Ash has a passion for mentoring and already mentors students interested in a tech career at the University of Washington. Any software developer wanting to climb the corporate ladder would find an excellent advisor in Ash, whose particular expertise in technology, sales, saas, growth operations, and customer success.

Ash is also looking for a mentor for himself to help him grow more in AI and become a Saas AI expert.

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