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Gabriel Aleixo

Gabriel Aleixo, Upnotch member, is currently the ​​Founder and CEO of Quiteoften Inc., an HR Tech start-up building a performance management platform to help managers thrive with their teams.

Their app offers managers a complete framework to lead people through one-on-one meetings, using the best available knowledge from the science of achievement, motivation, and team performance.

Gabriel started his career over 20 years ago in innovative marketing and management positions for multinational companies and has a strong background in leadership, team culture, strategy, customer insight, and behavior design.

He’s a professional marketing strategy and market research author and speaker of multiple languages. He’s passionate about ocean conservation and a photography enthusiast.

Gabriel’s leadership experience makes him a great mentor candidate for managers interested in growing as leaders, building a culture of ongoing development and growth with their teams, and achieving high performance. He’s also looking for a mentor who could help him solve Javascript programming problems, an area that's fairly new to him.

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