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Kanika Ramji

Kanika Ramji, Upnotch Mentor, is the Founder of an early-stage legal integration software for small medical practices.

She is a tech leader who embarked on a startup journey 5 years ago. She first started a software company in 2018 to help deliver healthy meals for children by connecting schools, parents, and restaurants.

In 2019, she became the CEO of an advanced document understanding AI startup where she grew the team and expanded the revenue stream exponentially. She’s currently working on a new promising startup in the medical industry. As an ex-Microsoft veteran, Kanika knows the ins and outs of working with large enterprises and complex technologies.

Kanika loves helping people and solving tough problems. She'd be a wonderful mentor to any passionate, driven professional who wants advice on decision-making processes or influencing others, or any tech startup founder looking to grow their business. She’d particularly love to advise and guide other women.

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