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Lorenzo Pasqualis

Lorenzo Pasqualis, Upnotch Mentor, is the Senior VP of Engineering at DreamBox. He started his career over 3 decades ago and has never stopped building and shipping software since. He ran his own business for over 10 years and has a 20+ year history of joining early-stage start-ups and successfully and relentlessly helping them grow to 20x their size.

With an unwavering passion for creative problem solving and driving change in growing organizations, Lorenzo has held software engineering leadership roles since the early 2000s and loves growing organizations, hiring tech talent, discovering leaders, organizing teams, and scaling engineering organizations.

A lifetime learner who thrives in dynamic and rapidly changing environments, Lorenzo is also a big advocate for women in tech and is passionate about mentoring people on their career growth, particularly when it comes to leadership journeys. He would be an incredible mentor for any entrepreneur or executive working in software or technology.

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