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Mark Landon

Mark Landon, Upnotch member, is currently Managing Director of Torchmark Ltd. whose purpose is to develop inspirational leaders and to turbocharge teams to deliver exceptional results through servant leadership. They offer a structured, “People, People, People” based approach to helping businesses unleash the full potential of all of their employees and teams.

After more than 30 years in corporate top management and leadership at companies like Procter & Gamble and British American Tobacco, Mark has continued on to become a highly experienced and effective coach, facilitator, mentor and senior leader. He’s passionate about continuous improvement and cultural change through leadership development and coaching.

Mark’s positive attitude and ceaseless energy is infectious and his ability to connect people to a shared purpose is inspiring. He values mentorship, and anyone starting your career that’s interested in leadership and supply chain models would find an excellent mentor in him.

In turn, Mark is also looking to connect with mentors himself who can help him with a business startup and/or help him gain the confidence to convert his warm leads into contracts.

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