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Shira Mizel

Updated: Mar 28

Shira Mizel, Upnotch Member and Associate Director at CompStak

Shira Mizel, Upnotch Member, is Associate Director at CompStak, spearheading the Strategic Accounts and Exchange Process. 

She has over 7 years of expertise in customer success and account management, specializing in sales enablement and education within the SaaS commercial real estate sector.

She is passionate about crafting streamlined workflows and scalable strategies, collaborating with Product, Marketing, and Operations to create compelling customer journeys. Her proficiency includes scripting, value proposition development, and designing effective onboarding procedures, showcased through engaging training sessions.

Shira would be an invaluable mentor to those navigating sales enablement or seeking to enhance customer success strategies in SaaS. She is eagerly looking for a mentor herself, someone adept in revenue growth strategies or sales enablement.

To connect with Shira, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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