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Timothy Chen

Timothy Chen, Upnotch Member, is the Founder and Managing Partner of Essence VC, an early-stage fund focusing on technical founders in the enterprise space. Tim is a thoughtful, insightful, technical, and hyper-networked investor.

Being an investor was never originally part of his career plan but he discovered that he really enjoys the startup ecosystem and after joining several startups, founding his own company, and exiting successfully, he got his own perspective on how investors work. He was convinced as a result that there could be a better help for first-time founders going after funding. He started angel investing in 2018, created Essence VC in 2019, and has helped a dozen companies in the technology sector since then.

Tim feels connected to the founders he helps, since he was in their shoes not that long ago, trying to navigate similar challenges, especially transitioning from a deeply technical background into a founder. He would love to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs that want to change the world in a non-incremental way and can provide unique insights into the startup world.

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