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Annie Furlong

Annie Furlong, Upnotch Member, is the VP of Engagement Marketing at Carrum Health.

With over 15 years in health tech and employer benefits, Annie brings a wealth of experience in marketing and people management. Her journey has spanned startups, associations, and large organizations. Her strategic mindset, creative energy, and passion for business and account strategy have shaped her career. She's a master at improving processes, enhancing customer experiences, and leading teams.

Her career has predominantly revolved around the healthcare industry, with a keen focus on the business side. Her expertise lies in marketing, encompassing primarily B2C and B2B2C domains, but B2B as well.

Annie would be a great mentor to anyone looking for advice and guidance in management or marketing. She’d also love to connect with a mentor to serve as a sounding board, someone with whom she can brainstorm and exchange ideas.

To connect with Annie, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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