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Kunal Chitkara

Updated: Mar 29

Kunal Chitkara, Upnotch Member and Project Lead at Meta.

Kunal Chitkara, Upnotch Member, is a Project Lead at Meta, based in London.

With 12 years of IT experience encompassing Full Stack Engineering, Startup Leadership, and Project Management, Kunal has a rich background. He has managed multiple projects and cross-disciplinary teams, with a focus on launching greenfield products. His career has seen him excel as an Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, and Full Stack Product Developer.

His journey began in the Microsoft Stack, and he delved into a wide array of technologies. At Meta, he is leading multiple projects within the Apps and Gaming organization. His enthusiasm extends to open-source web application development and DevOps using technologies like Hack, Python, Typescript, Javascript, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Kunal enjoys discussing greenfield business and product ideas. He's known for his commitment to meeting deadlines and has experience managing multiple teams, comprising Tech Leads, backend, data-analytics and frontend engineers, BA, and QA.

Kunal would be a remarkable mentor for anyone looking to explore opportunities in the financial industry, start their own company, navigate early-stage tech startups, practice interview skills, overcome imposter syndrome, and master time and project management.

To connect with Kunal, sign up today at All mentorships on Upnotch are free. 🧡

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